Home automation seems complicated, but, at its core, it’s about making life simpler. Nowadays, automation includes creating a single system to control your lighting, thermostats, appliances, entertainment and alarms systems. No need to fumble with multiple apps and remotes. See how else automation makes life easier.

Simplicity: The automated home delivers a dashboard so simple everyone can take command of their home. Get rid of your basket of remote controls and instructions/checklists to run your devices. With an automated home, you opt for intuitive, one-touch or voice control over all systems. Lights, thermostats, music, TV, fireplaces, heated floors, heated towel racks, alarms, cameras, door locks, pools, irrigation and gates are ready for service at your command.

Sight and Sound: Relax or entertain in an automated home equipped with connected entertainment systems. Enjoy whole-home music and video systems that remember your preferences and route your media selections to any room. Select a movie to stream in your home theater while your automation system dims the lights to the perfect setting and sets the thermostat to “cozy.” Take the party outside with music and video around the pool or patio. Change volume or selection without leaving your lounge chair because you control your systems with your mobile device.

Safety and Security: An alarm system can’t protect you when you don’t turn it on. The automated home brings lighting control, alarm panel protection, camera images and door locks into one integrated interface. Tell the system you are leaving. Doors are locked, lighting is timed for your safe return, the alarm panel is set, and cameras will watch over your property. With intelligent integration, devices work together. If the fire alarm sounds in the middle of the night, your system knows what to do. Lights are turned on to help you exit, the HVAC is turned off to isolate smoke, the fire company is alerted, and doors are unlocked for your safe egress. Your system responds to the emergency, so you can focus on your loved ones.

Savings: Utility bills are tamed in the automated home. Thermostats, shades and lights automatically adjust for your comfort at home and for savings when you are out. Your system knows to conserve heating or air conditioning when the family is at work or school during the day. When you return, your home will be ready, with your gate open, your living space at the perfect temperature, and your entryway lighted. Never again spend a penny for lights that burn all day or return to an ice-cold house. Automation and smart technology also add value and salability to your home.

Stay Connected: Enjoy the peace of mind that an automated home delivers when you remain in control. Don’t wait until your pipes freeze or your washer hookup fails to consider an automated home. Your system can text you when the temperature drops, or a drop of water is sensed near the washer or sump pump. If you need to receive a package or let the plumber into the house while you are at work, automation is the solution. With door answering systems and intercoms that link to your mobile device, you can answer the door from your back yard, the office, or your beach house. If you are working late, check on the kids and the dog with camera images on your mobile phone.

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