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From selecting the right gear for your home or office to learning to use it effectively, we’ll guide you in your long-term journey with smart technology. See how else we can help you.

Home Theater, Media Rooms

design, install

& WiFi

design, install, troubleshoot/repair

Conference Rooms Huddle Rooms

design, install

Whole Home

indoor/outdoor design, install

Smart Lighting, Shades, Climate Control

design, install

Microsoft Teams

ultimate office/home collaboration solutions

Smart Security, Door locks, Cameras

design, install, security monitoring

Smart Home

Develop a comprehensive plan, consult with architects/builders/interior designers

Digital Signage
Video Walls

design, install

An Experienced Team for a Smart Home or Office

If you’re looking for a seasoned team to equip your homes and offices with smart technology, BTS Enterprises, Inc. offers seamless solutions.

Our experienced techs provide you:

Extensive experience and insightful solutions

Robust, professional-grade technology

A technology blueprint for future integration

Trusted guidance in your long-term journey with technology

BTS Enterprises launched in 2006 with the vision of making smart technology more widely available.

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